Treating Addiction with Cannabis

Misconception of Cannabis

Cannabis is known as a gateway drug. A substance that leads people to use tik, mandrax, cocaine, and many others. Causing serious addiction issues, with few people reaching out for help. Rehabilitation for people can be very daunting and challenging. Ruining the lives of the addicted and those around them.

However, this concept is being challenged. The legalization of cannabis becoming a trend around the world, and the stigma behind it is being dismantled thanks to education. Cannabis is being seen as a potential exit drug.  

Cannabis as a Substitute

One of the major challenges is the fear of the detox. Which can feel overwhelming for the addict. This is where cannabis can help. The idea is to use cannabis to assist in the detox phase, easing the patient into the process of combating their addiction.

A major critique of this method is that you are just replacing one addiction with another. But the most important thing to remember is that you can’t overdose on cannabis. By replacing an addiction that is lethal, with one that is significantly less harmful, the benefit becomes apparent. Cannabis cannot cure the addiction, but it can be used as a less harmful replacement as the patient learns how to cope with the issue. Vitally buying the patient more time and preventing further damage.

Of course, cannabis cannot be the primary focus of treatment, and cannot replace a good support structure, solid coping and psychological education, as well as the motivation needed to fight the addiction. But it can be used as a tool to assist the patient in fighting and reclaiming their life.


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