TnT Trichome


8 Weeks flowering period
Indica Dominant
Compact plants

Tips from the Super Sativa Seed Club Master Breeder

This inbred line is perfect for commercial growers who want a strain with a great smell and a strong taste combined with heavy and consistent yields. This indica is so powerful that even repeat sativa lovers grow it.

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About TnT Trichome cannabis seeds

TnT Trichome is simply one of the best-feminized indica varieties seen by our team in the last decade. Resin production on this highly potent lady is unsurpassed. She takes around 8 weeks (or just under) to finish bloom and produces heavy yields of golf-ball shaped buds. The special part of this feminized indica seed variety is the sheer indulgent quality of the high. It’s unusually pleasurable with a distinct feel-good aspect to the high which you will adore.

TnT Trichome grows easily with a large dominant bloom. The buds are compact and dense, the plant is as easy to trim as she is to grow. You will enjoy a really rich earthy and aromatic terpene/flavor profile, with hints of coffee and sour grapes. It’s quite unique with a pungent throaty effect on the inhale thanks to the Afghani heritage. This variety appeals to the indica connoisseur demanding a carefully selected and highly potent no-nonsense indica variety with genuine top drawer 20%+ THC levels.

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