Original Blunt by Jays Hemp Wraps (Tobacco Free)


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2 wraps per pack

The Original flavour hemp blunt wrap from Jay’s Hemp Wraps is a tobacco-free wrap made from natural hemp allowing you to enjoy a blunt without smoking any tobacco.

This Original hemp wrap packs a lovely, natural hemp flavour which is enhanced with natural botanical terpenes, delivering a tasty, flavoursome smoke. So sit back, roll up, then take a big hit and enjoy your massive blunt”

Jay’s have decades of experience producing blunt wraps, cigar wraps and flavoured rolling papers to a market-leading standard. With more and more smokers deciding to leave tobacco in the past, these 100% hemp blunt wraps allow you to smoke your favourite flavours with zero tobacco for a cleaner experience.

These wraps roll, wrap and smoke just like the original tobacco-based blunt wraps. Each kingsize wrap is infused with your choice of Jay’s range of delicious flavours, burning slowly and smoothly for a chilled-out smoke.

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Jade (Watermelon), Purple (Grape), Silver (Berries)

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