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Karel’s Haze

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8-9 Weeks flowering period
Sativa 70% Indica 30%
Medium/Big plants

Tips from the Super Sativa Seed Club Master Breeder

Grow the Karels Haze underneath and strong 1000 Watt HPS light and she will surprise you with an exceptional yield and terpene profile.

If you really want to go that extra mile, combine that 1000 Watt HPS with a high quality LED light and her terpene profile will be off the charts!

About Karel’s Haze cannabis seeds

One of our easier strains to grow, you can expect mature flowers in 8-9 weeks. This is a really special hybrid, made from our Old School Haze and Chem Dog OG Fire, a variety that produces medium to large plants. Natural vigor produces fat frosty OG buds, so keep your eye on those and look for the fruity or gassy phenotypes.

You can expect good yielding, frosty plants with a beautiful terpene profile, which are great for making extractions. We can say that Karel’s Haze is the pride and joy of the Super Sativa Seed Club. It is one of the most delicious smokes you will ever have, with a layered taste of tropical sativa lime and a citrus touch with a dark gassy after taste. Karel’s Haze offers you the best of both worlds, a very smooth smoke but after a few tokes, a head rush can be expected.


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