Frosty Friday



10 Weeks flowering period
Sativa 70% Indica 30%
Medium/Big plants

Tips from the Super Sativa Seed Club Master Breeder

Very fast grower! Frosty Friday is a big cannabis plant! You’ll need help for sure. It is a trichome machine! Which makes this plant perfect to produce top quality hash. Turn off the lights two last days before harvest in order to maximize terpene profile.

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About Frosty Friday cannabis seeds

Frosty Friday is old school work of the Super Sativa Seed Club, we are talking about a strain that takes you back to the 80’s when SSSC became the second cannabis seed bank of the word.

Frosty Friday is a sativa-dominant cross (70%) of M4 Creeper and the legendary SSSC strain Karel’s Haze. This original ‘Creeper-Sativa’ variety is a fast grower and a big plant which can produce a very large number of branches due to the Creeper 4 genetic component. The creeper genetics produce huge amounts of branches and buds, but they have a nice dense structure and plastered with trichomes. 

This variety needs around 10 weeks of flowering. The smell leans towards the gassy/chemical side of the spectrum, when the blooms are mature they will be heavy with resin. This high resin and yielding levels makes Frosty Friday a perfect strain to produce the very highest quality hash and extracts.

With Frosty Friday, Super Sativa Seed Club offers a new different cannabis strain to add to his valuable collection.

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