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Cherry Tini

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Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks
Genetics Hybrid
Lineage Cherry Noir x Jet A (Male)
Yield Big


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The story of the Cherry Tini Regular strain started somewhere in San Francisco, where we have been at Frenchy Cannoli’s basement to discuss and test some of his legendary Hash. In the middle of the night Leo and Professor Q from Aficionado drove down the mountain to join us. They pulled out some bags and gifted us with some beans from the craziest genetic you can dream of.

One of those seeds was the Cherry Noir !!! We’ve selected the fruitiest and sexiest pheno to cross it with our Jet A Male. The Cherrytini was born ! It’s a vigorous plant with some beautiful colors, the smell on the live plant is insane, so fruity and candy like at the same time, definitely some strong cherry terps harmonized by the fuel of the Jet A. After the drying period, the terpene profile is as if you’ve dipped this cherry candy into a sweet liquor that deliver this unique taste. There is around 4 different phenotypes in the Cherrytini, keep the one that enhance your nose the most !



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