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Blue Kush

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Sex Feminized
Genotype 45% Indica / 55% Sativa
Cross Blueberry x OG Kush
Indoor flowering 60 days
Indoor yield 500 g/m2
Outdoor harvest time Early October / Mid-October
Outdoor yield 600-800 g/plant
Outdoor height 1.5 m
THC* Medium-High
CBD* Low
THC/CBD ratio 125:1
Blue Kush is a feminized cannabis seed capable of awakening all your senses while injecting good vibes. At Dinafem Seeds, we had a strong desire to work with two cannabis icons as legendary as Blueberry and OG Kush; two surprisingly different genetics with very strong personalities that have matched perfectly. With this seed, we want to offer the fans of these two strains the chance to add to their collection a really complex and sophisticated cannabis jewel that exudes balance from every pore and is, on top of that, incredibly easy to grow. This is undoubtedly a marvelous strain worth experimenting with.

Blue Kush turns into sturdy and hardy marijuana plants, with beautiful and elegant coloring, that is suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors. Her body, with rather small leaves and medium distance between nodes, ends up covered in evenly distributed dense and elongated buds. During the flowering phase, the show is guaranteed because, as a worthy member of the Blue family, she produces an explosion of purple and lavender tones if the weather conditions are favorable (if the temperature drops by 10ºC at night).

Blue Kush is a heavy yielder, producing 500 g/m2 indoors and up to 800 g/plant outdoors. By early/mid-October, when the crop is ready for harvest outdoors, cannabis growers will become really aware of the outstanding quality of the product they’re working with: large and thick buds overflowing with rich and smelly resin. A real treat for the senses! And, like with any other member of the Blue family, the end product is a delicacy worthy of the most flattering remarks.

Blue Kush showcases an array of really interesting organoleptic qualities. Getting a bit close to her should be enough to notice how rich, fresh, and refined her aroma is: hints of lemon, pine, and berries marvelously mixed result from crossing a Blueberry and an OG Kush. A gift for the senses that seduces even the most sybarite and expert lover of the strong and complex flavors of marijuana.

Blue Kush produces a potent but balanced effect. This is down to her 20 % THC and to her 55 % Sativa and 45 % Indica genotype, enough to take you to a place where you’ll are at ease, relaxed, and fully cut off from the outside world. Other than that, you’ll feel a gentle but long-lasting sensation of cerebral stimulation. Weren’t you looking for a mind-blowing and enduring ‘high’? Here it is!

Blue Kush loves being looked after. Besides, her extreme vigor and resistance to moisture make the whole process far easier. In fact, being so undemanding and flexible, this cannabis strain is perfect for inexperienced growers. Standard watering and fertilizing regimes will be enough for Blue Kush to show her full potential. Indoors, the results are excellent regardless of the growing method used, even in hydroponics, SCROG, and SOG.

However, this marijuana plant feels at ease in warm, dry, and temperate climates or under the protection of the greenhouse. Outdoors, she’ll be ready by early-mid October, in some 60 days, which is a great asset for the cannabis grower due to her incredibly short flowering cycle.


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