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Auto Banana Blaze

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Why should I buy Auto Banana Blaze feminized seeds?

  • Auto Banana Blaze is easy to grow and does not require special feeding schedules to perform well.
  • She is a robust Indica dominant autoflower with a penetrating smell. The aroma is best described as creamy, sweet, fruity, and tropical.
  • Auto Banana Blaze has a beautiful bushy, Christmas tree structure with full, hard buds and a high yield. She is a tough autoflower that can tolerate cooler temperatures and takes around 12 weeks to grow from seed to harvest.

Auto Banana Blaze has a sweet, fruity, and tropical banana aroma

Auto Banana Blaze, just like her photoperiod parent, has a wonderfully fruity and powerful aroma. The fragrance is best described as fruity, creamy, and sweet. It closely resembles the aroma of a banana. Her taste is best when you smoke her buds in a joint (preferably pure, without tobacco). When vaping, the creamy/fruity banana flavor is slightly less pronounced.

Auto Banana Blaze has long and very sticky full buds

This banana Indica is an autoflower with long, full buds. She usually grows in a beautiful Christmas tree structure. The strain is known for a thick, oily resin layer that sits on the flowers. This is characteristic of the Indica genes. Be aware of this thick sticky layer of trichomes during harvesting/manicuring because everything will get coated with resin. The use of gloves is recommended. Don’t forget to collect that sticky layer of scissor hash every so often. This variety is a real pleasure to smoke!

What kind of genetics does Auto Banana Blaze contain?

Auto Banana Blaze is a cross of our photoperiod feminized Banana Blaze variety with our legendary Auto Mazar. The combination of these genetics has created a strong autoflower which is easy to grow, high yielding, and very potent with a great smell and taste. An Indica dominant autoflower to love!

Auto Banana Blaze is easy to grow and produces compact plants with a high yield and potent buds

Auto Banana Blaze is an Indica dominant autoflower strain that has mainly been selected for the high yield and potency. Her unique aroma and flavor profile comes from her photoperiod parent, Banana Blaze. Crossing this banana Indica with our best selling Auto Mazar results in a very strong and tough autoflower strain which does well even in slightly cooler climates. This auto with mainly Afghani genetics is known for its compact and extremely sticky flowers.

Auto Banana Blaze is a compact/medium sized autoflower that can reach a maximum height of one meter. Most phenotypes, however, will be around 75 cm. It is a strain that can give a high yield even for novice growers. No special feeding schedules or techniques are required to achieve high yields, which makes her ideal for the novice grower.

Auto Banana Blaze is an autoflower plant that remains fairly compact. She often grows in a bushy structure with a large main bloom surrounded by numerous heavy side branches. She does fine when grown naturally. She also does well in a SOG setup with more plants per m2 in smaller pots.
Her plant structure is best described as compact to medium. The internode distance is medium and the leaves are of a hybrid structure that lean towards the Indica side, with somewhat wider and thicker fingers. The slightly larger internode distance allows the flowers to grow longer and fuller than the other Indica-dominant autos in our collection.

The genetics used for Auto Banana Blaze guarantees the following properties:
•    A compact autoflower with a high yield.
•    An autoflower that is easy to grow and does well in all types of climates, even those with slightly cooler night temperatures.
•    Beautiful full buds with a very complex aroma with mainly creamy, fruity, and sweet notes.

Auto Banana Blaze is an ideal strain for the novice grower. She is easy to grow and provides high yields from seed to harvest in 12 weeks.

Effects of Auto Banana Blaze

This Indica-dominant autoflower variety will give you a wonderfully relaxed feeling. The effect is a balanced combination of a strong “body stone” with a powerful mental “head high”. This hybrid effect ensures that you can relax and unwind. It is a strain suitable for refreshing your body and mind, both as a daytime and evening smoke. Stress disappears like snow in the sun and you experience an exceptional terpene profile leaving you with a euphoric and satisfying feeling.

The flowering time of Auto Banana Blaze

This autoflower doesn’t need much attention or complicated feeding schedules. She grows from a feminized autoflower seed into a beautiful little Christmas tree or compact bushy auto, up to a meter high, in around 12 weeks. On average she grows to around 75cm, provided she is not constrained by being grown in a small container. For pots of 4-7 liters, for example, plants will usually remain somewhat smaller.

This auto can withstand low temperatures. But, like most Indica dominant autoflowers or photoperiod Indica plants, she doesn’t like high humidity. This makes her suitable for growing in areas where night temperatures can be rather low but where it is dry. For example in desert areas or mountainous areas on the dry side of the mountain. Too much moisture can cause mold and bud rot in the rather compact and thick buds.

The yield of Auto Banana Blaze

In the right hands and with the right care, Auto Banana Blaze can produce at least 150 grams of top quality buds per plant. In a stable indoor climate, yields of 400-500g/m2 are possible. The best results are achieved when the humidity is consistently kept below 50% from the moment bud production starts.

Outdoors, she can yield between about 50-100 grams per plant, and we highly recommend growing her only in the driest periods. Grow in an aerated medium and in an aerated container, such as airpots, smart pots, or root-pouches for the highest yields. It is also best to grow this lady organically. The yield may not be as high as with hydroponically grown plants, but the taste and quality of the product can reach new heights.



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