Challenging Biltong and Budz for Top Seed Bank

Biltong and Budz vs Bud Buddies

Biltong and Budz as a South African Seed Bank

As one of SA’s most well known seed banks having the longest history with supplying South African’s with premium cannabis genetics, Biltong and Budz or BnB have garnered a large and loyal following. Earning every piece of it by continuously doing their best to source top genetics.

Often referred to the standard for the market, they have watched competition come and go. Such as Trophy Seeds, Cannabist, and Natural Highs. However, as one of the few who have carved out a slice of BnB’s market share, Bud Buddies has implemented a few key strategies to compete.

Improved Experience when Buying Cannabis Seeds

Unlike the other competitors, Bud Buddies prioritized building their network. This has enabled us to source more quality breeders from more renowned breeders. By buying higher up the chain, we don’t have to mark up our prices as high, allowing our customers not having to overpay for their cannabis seeds.

Another key factor to our success is variety. Unlike others, we wanted to provide as large a range as possible for our customers. Including but not limited to Anesia, Barney’s Farm, Dutch Passion, Green House Seeds, In House Genetics and many more. Being situated on the other side of the world poses a lot of disadvantages for South African growers. Which is a shame considering our prime growing conditions. As being one of the few to match Biltong and Buds for range, we strive to give customers an opportunity to dip their fingers into as many stains as possible.

Lastly, one of the main pillars for our success is customer care. Bud Buddies is often able to resolve most customer issues on a personal level. This comes from being smaller, and more in touch with customers. Unfortunately, as you grow larger, it becomes more difficult to handle all customer queries equally and shortcuts are often a requirement – which leads to a lower standard of customer care. Bud Buddies has always prioritized customer care from the beginning as it was a key reason for the owners to start the business in the first place due to their personal experience.

In summary, Biltong and Buds has done well to earn their place at the top in South Africa so far. However, Bud Buddies is ready to take the crown and offer customers a better service and experience.

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